Covid-19 Safety Measures

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Dunston Village Hall  - Covid-19 Safety Measures

Safe-Distance Markings.



   Access to the Main Hall has been restricted to the ramp

   which has tape markings at 2m distance.




   Inside the entrance hall there are tapes marking 2m.







 In the Main Hall there are 2inch diameter floor stickers

placed at 2m distance.




 A Coronavirus Alert Stop notice in the window

 by the front entrance

Notices to use hand sanitiser or wash hands and to dispose of tissue, wipes, etc in lidded bins posted around the hall.



Hand Washing & Hand Sanitiser Stations.


 Hand Sanitiser stations have been placed at each entrance/exit and at strategic points throughout the hall.




        Soap and Hot water are available in the toilet and in the isolation          room for handwashing.

        Paper towels provided in dispenser and a lidded bin fo disposal.




Waste Disposal


Lidded bins are provided for disposal of used wipes, tissues and any PPE equipment.





Entry/Exit Control

One Way system for entry and exit for any consecutive groups.

Entry at Main Door via the ramp which has 2m distance markings for waiting.

Exit via the fire -exit door and around the back of the building to the car park.