Dunston Village Hall

(Registered Charity Number 514319)

Chapel Lane, Dunston, Lincolnshire LN4 2ET


1948 to 2018

70 Years at the centre of Dunston Community.




Dunston Village Hall is a registered charity.


Our main soiurce of income is from room hire fees and this is used to cover our basic running costs - electricity, water, cleaning, insurance, licences and basic maintenance.


Fundraising events help us raise money for small improvement projects and redecoration.


To allow us to carry out major refurbishments and improvements we need to raise larger sums of money. In applying for Grants from the local authorities and institutions such as the Big Lottery we need to have suffient funds to cover 50% of the cost of the proposed project.



You can help us raise the funds that we need and improve the hall in a number of ways:-



If you would like to make a donation of money either as a "one off" or regular contribution, you can make that donation even larger by signing a Gift Aid Declaration.




Dunston Village Hall

Management Committee

Room Hire Rates

from October 2014.


Main Hall £12.50 per hour


Lamyman Room £10.50 per Hour


Both Rooms £21.00 per hour


Discounts available for regular monthly or weekly bookings.



contact Robert to arrange a booking


Phone:- 01526 320810

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