Dunston Village Hall is a registered Charity which was established in 1983.

Charity Registered Number 514319

The Village Hall building and grounds were given freehold to Dunston Parish in 1983 on the proviso that it was to be used as a Village Hall.

The Parish Council is the Custodial Trustee and holds the property whilst the Management Trustees are responsible for the day to day administration of the Village Hall.

The Management Trustees are all volunteers.





Dunston Village Hall was first opened as a community building

for the residents of Dunston in 1948 by Smiths Crisps who at

that time were the major employer in the area growing potatoes

for their famous Crisps.



(Photograph provided by Stuart Rogerson)

There have been changes to the original building over the years, the addition of a kitchen, new roof, electric heaters,wooden floors and a disabled toilet facility. The building is at present undergoing a phased programme of refurbishment improving facilities whilst maintain the wonderful retro character of the original building.



You will have noticed that our King George statue no longer stands in our car park area. Sadly the wood core rotted and the statue fell over in April 2015.


We are looking at finding a replacement statue or art work but this may take some time.




Dunston Village Hall

Management Committee

All Committee Members are volunteers.

The Executives are:-


Chairperson Roger Hall

Secretary Vacancy

Treasurer Jean Ford

Booking Clerk Robert Ford

01526 320810


Committee Members representing:-

Parish Council = June Gwillym

Silver Sounds Band = Helen Duncan

St Peters' PCC = Sue Glaister

Sewing Bee = Kath Gray



Acting Secretary - Jean Ford

Minute Taker - Louise Stocker

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