Five Year Plan 2013-2018

Dunston Village Hall

(Registered Charity Number 514319)

Chapel Lane, Dunston, Lincolnshire LN4 2ET


Structural Repairs and Refurbishment

Five Year Plan (From 2013 to 2018)


Phase 1 Structural Repairs & Insulation.

WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED SO FAR. Everything completed is in bold coloured text.

The work still to be done from the beginning of January 2016 is in paler text.

By the end of 2016 we will have completed most of the structural work in improving the basic amenities of the hall leaving the final phases of improving the entrance hall/foyer, creating an office for the Village Hall Committee & Parish Council, exterior paintwork, re-pointing and improving the car park area as targets for 2017 and 2018.


First Phase completed by 31ST MARCH 2014

  • Repair & refurbishment of steps/ramp to main entrance.
  • Repainted main entrance door.
  • Removal of old immersion heater and installation of small energy efficient instant water heater to service bar, cellar area and provide hot water to toilets in the Lamyman room. (Grant of £250 from C Cllr M Overton).
  • Installed an electric heater on rear wall of the stage.
  • Installed 2 new electric plug sockets in Main Hall.
  • Installed 2 heatelectric radiators in the Main Hall.
  • Installed 1 heatelectric radiator heater in the Lamyman Room.


  • Subsidence Repair– underpinning and repair to the north- west corner of the building.
  • Removal of leaking drains and fitting of new drains at rear of the building.
  • Construction of paved route from rear fire door to side of the building.
  • Removal of Asbestos waste in roof void over the Main Hall.
  • Installation of insulation in roof void over Main Hall.
  • Cavity wall insulation – graphite beads.


2014/15 Phase 2 Structural Repairs & Accessibility (Completed in September 2014.)

Main Hall & Lamyman Room

  • Replace windows in front elevation of Main Hall & Meter Room in line with details below.
  • Fit 4 heatelectric radiators with remote timer & thermostat in Main Hall.
  • Remove coin meters in Main Hall to allow for thermostat and timer control.
  • Remove coin meter in Lamyman Room.

Store Room:

  • Internal cladding with insulation layer of wall to the side the building which cannot be cavity filled.
  • Improve storage for Cleaner’s Equipment and Supplies.
  • Improve storage for Club Equipment eg Carpet Bowls Mats etc.


Main Hall

Disabled Toilet Completed 31 December 2015

  • Internal cladding with insulation layer of wall to the side of the building which cannot be cavity filled.
  • Remove old sanitary ware and install approved Disabled Toilet Kit – toilet, guiderails, washbasin and lever handle taps.
  • Install water heater for hand washing.
  • Install a baby changing station.
  • Install wall mounted electric heater suitable for bathroom/toilet area.
  • Install new double glazed window.
  • Redecorate & Apply new signage to door.


  • Strip, sand and re-coat wooden floor in Main Hall. Completed Aug 2016

External Wall Treatment

•Removal of mossy growth from outer walls caused by damp and leaking guttering.

•Repoint brick walls to rear of building.

•Cover concrete path/ramp of fire exit with non-slip surface.

•Remove trip hazard weather strip at base of fire exit.

Windows Completed August 2015.

•Replace windows in front facing walls with thermal efficient double glazed trickle vent windows, openings at half window height.

•Improve ease of reach and accessible from a wheelchair.

•Improve ventilation in the hall with trickle vent facility.

•Reduce heat loss with more thermal efficient glazing.

•Improve appearance of the hall externally and internally.

•Replace windows to the rear of the building -5 toilet facilities and 2 store rooms with thermal efficient double glazed trickle vent windows opening outwards from the base.

•Allow easier access to window opening especially in the ladies toilets.

•Improve ventilation in the toilets and store rooms with trickle vent facility.

•Reduce heat loss reduce risk of burst pipes.

•Reduce incidence of plaster damage from damp and poor ventilation.

•Improve appearance of the toilets and storerooms internally and external.

•Facilitate removal of flaking plasterwork and mould on walls and ceiling.

Installation of new thermal efficient double glazed windows with trickle vents is part of the plan to improve energy efficiency of the Village Hall and create a more comfortable and controllable environment for users of the hall.

Kitchen Improvements

•Replace windows in the kitchen with thermal efficient double glazed trickle vent windows with openings from the base outwards above the sink and at half height on front facing wall.

•Allow easier access to window opening for most users of the kitchen.

•Improve ventilation in the kitchen hall with trickle vent facility.

•Reduce heat loss with more thermal efficient glazing.

•Reduce incidence of plaster damage from steam and poor ventilation.

•Improve appearance of the kitchen internally and external.

•Facilitate removal of flaking plasterwork and mould on ceiling. Completed Aug 16

•Installation of an “Expelair” in the kitchen to remove steam and improve ventilation.

•Purchase of a new cooker.

•Redecoration of ceiling and walls. Completed Aug 16

Toilet Facilities Gents Completed October 2015 Ladies by 31st January 2016

•Replace sanitary ware to include water saving flushing mechanisms.

•Replace urinals with fittings of different heights for use by children and adults.

•Install new hand wash basins at heights suitable for children and adults.

•Repair plasterwork & paint ceiling & walls.

•Install energy efficient hand wash water heaters.

•Install wall fitted energy efficient electric heaters.

•Fit new doors.


Lamyman Room

•Refurbishment of bar cellar to create a kitchenette unit with sink, cupboards, microwave and crockery for improved use of Lamyman Room. (Completed March 2015).

•Fit a new entrance door to Lamyman room which opens outwards from the hall

•to resolve fire hazard and health and safety risk.

•to improve accessibility by removing trip hazard of the weather strip of existing door.

•Add to improvement of insulation by fitting a thermally efficient PVC door.

•Door to have a double glazed window element for safety when opening the door.

•Improve appearance of the building internally and externally. Aug 16

Phase 3

•Install Energy Efficient Heating System to Lamyman Room, Bar/Cellar & Entrance Hall.

•New Entrance Door to Main Hall.

•Kitchen Improvements – new floor covering

Phase 4

•Electrical repairs to fit independent light switches/ controls in Green Room.

Replace door to Green Room from entrance hall to allow for direct access from entrance hall and to include a hatch way/stable door fitting to provide counter facility for re-siting of post office and create a booking office /enquiry facility. AUG 16

•Subdivide Green Room along joist to provide a store room with entrance from Lamyman room and office/ small meeting room with access from entrance hall. Aug 16

•Fit carpeting to Green room and re-furnish. New Floor Covering Fitted. Aug 16

•Install telephone/ computer access to Green Room Office area.

•Redecoration of main hall and Lamyman room. Completed Aug 16

•New Carpet for entrance hall.


Dunston Village Hall



How You Can Help



If you are a craftsperson, plasterer, builder, plumber, electrician, joiner or run your own business perhaps you could


•offer your services to help with any of these projects at a reasonable rate.

•offer to provide ex-display units or fittings at cost – we need kitchen units, toilets, washbasins, taps etc.

•sponsor a particular project eg kitchen or disabled toilet refurbishment.



We are a registered charity and donations to us could be tax deductible as well as demonstrating your support for the community.





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